Get your paws on this big-hearted read about friendship, unexpected romance and the pains of over-thinking your every move.

books to read when you have a crush

3:00pm Saturday, 27 Jul. by giselle au-nhien nguyen

Limerence – that obsessive fantasy state – can be both a beautiful and terrible thing, but hey, nothing soothes the soul like a good book.

Behold: a tale of female power and determination that's mighty pleasing on the eye and ear, as well. 

books to make you look smart on the train

3:00pm Monday, 15 Jul. by Becca Varcoe

Make an excellent impression on your fellow commuters by holding these books in your mitts. (They also happen to be damn good reads.)

five films to watch when you hate your customer service job

3:00pm Saturday, 29 Jun. by giselle au-nhien nguyen

Working in customer service is all fun and games until you pull a muscle in your face from all that fake smiling.

the happy newspaper

3:00pm Friday, 21 Jun.

All the (positive) news that's fit to print.

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