Heading to Tokyo any time soon? This little guide might come in handy.

five films to watch when you wish the holidays weren't over

9:00am Sunday, 05 Jan. by rowena grant-frost

The time has come to face the real world again. What might help is movies. Maybe. We can’t promise anything.

long books for long summer days

9:00am Monday, 30 Dec. by rebecca varcoe

Long days need lengthy books to fill the hours. Luckily, we have a few up our sleeve for you.

We asked a bunch of literary types to talk us through their top reads of the year.

treat a mate to frankie goodies

3:00pm Friday, 29 Nov.

A frankie subscription is the gift that keeps on giving (every two months, for a whole year!).

frankie's guide to cakes on film

9:00am Monday, 25 Nov. by rowena grant-frost

The one thing better than eating cake is looking at pictures of cake, but we've gone one step further and put together a list of our favourite cakes on film. Bon appetit!

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