welcome to the beagle bnb

One look at this pooch-shaped bed and breakfast had us pencilling in some annual leave and booking flights bound for Cottonwood, Idaho. A HOTEL. IN THE SHAPE OF A DOG. Take that, Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe.

The giant live-in beagle is over nine metres tall, and was built by the clever chainsaw artists Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin (a job that's not nearly as terrifying as it sounds, we swear). Not only will your stay come with a bevvy of canine-themed bits and bobs, you can also watch the stars from the deck on the pooch's side or nibble on homemade biscuits while nestled cosily inside its snout.

If you happen to find yourself on the road in Idaho and in need of a place to rest your head, you can find out more about the Dog Park Bark Inn over here.

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