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What a day of new beginnings: the first day of December, a brand new issue of frankie on the shelves, and let's not forget that the new year is on its merry way. Yep, soon we'll be popping poppers and smooching fellow partygoers with reckless abandon (or sipping quietly on a G&T if that's more your thing), so why not give yourself a headstart on your resolutions this year before you have to face them with a throbbing noggin?

If learning a new skill is on the to-do list, the fine folk over at Work-Shop can give you a helping hand. They've recently opened a new location in Melbourne, dishing out their usual array of arts, craft and life skills to the masses, from play dough sculpture to new dad survival and learning how to be a bit of a dodgeball pro.

Some good news: we have a double pass to give away to their Sydney String Garden class on December 9th, plus the Typo Swearing class in Melbourne on December 8th. To win, just shoot us an email with your name and address and we'll see what we can do.

Run your eyes over their full schedule for both cities here.

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