In our brand spanking new issue, we chatted with a lovely bunch of educators who told us what it’s like to be a teacher these days. (Hint: there are less chalkboards and more tattoos.)

the roadless village

3:00pm Sunday, 09 Sep.

Where we're going, we don't need roads.

homemade minty clove mouthwash

9:00am Tuesday, 28 Aug.

Some of our favourite nibbles err on the pongy side, but we’re not ready to give up blue cheese, garlic bread or – God forbid – coffee.

"I only represent the kids, not the school, trying to help them with anything and everything – including family violence, which was my normal when I was a kid."

one false click

3:00pm Saturday, 25 Aug. by mia timpano

Mia Timpano’s biggest fear involves a crush, social media and slippery fingers.

a new job at frankie

11:54am Wednesday, 22 Aug.

A brand new role has opened up at frankie press, and we’re looking for someone ace to take it on!

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