surrealism - the poetry of dreams

by georgia frances king

On our way back from Splendour in the Grass we had a wee headache and six hours to kill in Brisbane. Through the gentle pounding on the side of our forebrain we remembered that someone had told us that there was an absolutely stupendous surrealism exhibition on at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). We dragged ourselves there and pepped up almost immediately – it was so mind-blowing that it actually cured our headache! Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams is a retrospective of the surrealist art movement, chronicling the artists and the changes in style through its duration. While a lot of exhibitions of this nature seem to place a massive focus on Salvador Dali's work, this one hums the tune of lesser-known painters and sculptors. If you're in Brisbane and haven't seen it yet or if you're travelling through before October 2nd, we can highly recommend this one. More details here!

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