kerry miller's 3D carved books

It can be a little sad sometimes, flicking through the crumbly old books on an op shop's shelves. You can tell from the way their pages have loosened at the spine that they've led a long and well-loved life, but now they're stuck in a secondhand store, gathering dust and just that bit too rickety to be snapped up by a thrifty literature-lover.

Except for Kerry Miller, of course. The UK-based artist sources discarded books from all over the world, then dissects and rebuilds them to make incredibly detailed artwork. Kerry wants to 'free the illustrations from their home', and she's doing a mighty good job of it - her 3D masterpieces burst from their book frames, forcing us to see the beauty of the pages inside.

From an 1868 copy of Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management to the more recent Textbook of Zoology and Illustrated Catalogue of Saddler, Harness and Horse Clothing, no book is too weird or too decrepit, as long as it's packed full of character and beautiful imagery.

See her full folio here.

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