jelle martens' in the quivering forest

by georgia frances king

Why is it that triangles seem to be the most popular shape at the moment? Their holy trinity of obtuse angles certainly outweigh its counterparts in the art, tattoo and religious-reference stakes, and we haven't the foggiest why. Do you think the parellelogram gets jealous? Are the hexagons peeved?

We're not sure why we (and everyone else) likes triangles so much, but Belgian artist Jelle Martens gives us good reason too. He makes these nature-heavy beauties using digital photo collages, fusing the real with the not-so-real. The body of work is called 'In The Quivering Forest' and you can gaze through the whole collection here.

His work is pretty strong on the whole geometry bent so if you're keen on all things angular, check out his portfolio here.


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