pat bradbury

9:00am Tuesday, 04 Dec.

Cut-and-paste that makes you grin.

watercolour tattoos

3:00pm Friday, 30 Nov.

Get inked.

pilar mehlis's fish people

9:00am Friday, 30 Nov.

Strange and lovely in equal measure, these two-legged fish represent themes of migration.

breaking into the creative industries with ngaio parr

9:00am Thursday, 29 Nov. by sophie kalagas

We find out how this creative jack of just-about-all trades went from doodling horses to quitting her job and starting a design conference. 

catching up with cass urquhart

3:00pm Saturday, 24 Nov.

This past Good Stuff award-winner has a few golden pieces of advice for fellow artists and creatives.

artist interview – manuja waldia

3:00pm Wednesday, 21 Nov.
“Just the act of making is valuable. What’s more important is to figure out who you are and being a nice person.”

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