the bell jar cafe

1:00pm Wednesday, 26 Oct. by georgia frances king

Everyone loves a literary reference. If they were still around, we reckon that the likes of Rimbaud and Sartre may have frequented The Bell Jar.


9:00am Wednesday, 26 Oct. by holly mccauley

We take off our hats to this very crafty Tassie lady and her new range of handmade jewellery.

catherine campbell calendars

4:00pm Tuesday, 25 Oct. by georgia frances king

If you missed out on nabbing yourself one of our frankie 2012 calendars then maybe you could consider Catherine Campbell's.

vintage specs

1:00pm Tuesday, 25 Oct. by lara burke

This vintage glasses collection makes the four-eyed of us here at frankie want a spec makeover.

tunesday - matt corby

9:00am Tuesday, 25 Oct. by jessie alymore

Guitar in hand, Matt and his unruly locks will be playing some sneaky-peak shows this November to celebrate the launch of his new EP, Into the Flame.

so frenchy so chic

4:00pm Monday, 24 Oct. by georgia frances king

Parlez vous Francias? Non parlez vous Francais? Whichever way you are, everyone loves baguettes and butter, right?

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