inky co

3:00pm Monday, 05 Mar. by georgia frances king

There are some things in life that you can have too much of: bills, cake, to-do lists. However, stationery is one thing that we can never have enough of.

croissant earings

9:00am Monday, 05 Mar. by holly mccauley

These little darlings are much better for wearing than eating, but that doesn't stop us wanting to lick them.

watercolour jumpers

11:00am Sunday, 04 Mar. by georgia frances king

Sometimes we think that an item of clothing is so nice-looking that we'd like to put a coat hanger in it and display it on the wall as art.

prints charming

11:00am Saturday, 03 Mar. by georgia frances king

We've given up looking for our Prince Charming, but we'll settle for Yo Vintage's Prints Charming.

mafalda silva photography

3:00pm Friday, 02 Mar. by holly mccauley

We hope these fine musings tickle your fancy as much as they do ours.

i do day

9:00am Friday, 02 Mar. by the frankie team

Let's talk about something that gives us the irrits. Gay marriage, or the lack thereof in Australia. Isn't this the world's biggest no-brainer? I Do Day is today - 24 hours in which to show your support for marriage equality and let our government know Australia's queer folk deserve the right to get wed.

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