paris 99’s dreamy frocks

3:00pm Thursday, 04 Oct.

This NYC brand puts a cheeky spin on girlish gingham – and we're all for it.

planters by plernters

9:00am Thursday, 04 Oct.

A lovely bunch of local illustrators are combining pot plants, silliness and drool-worthy art.

square, pink and lovely

3:00pm Wednesday, 03 Oct.

These utility box makeovers by Abbie Paulhus prove that every city could do with a public sign of affirmation or two.

recycled plastic fantastic

9:00am Wednesday, 03 Oct.

Ooh, look – a range of furniture and homewares for tots, made entirely from recycled plastic toys. 

anna bu kliewer’s surreal scenes

3:00pm Tuesday, 02 Oct.

Take one look at this London-based artist's work and you'll be sucked into a parallel universe.

tunesday – tuppaware party

9:00am Tuesday, 02 Oct.

A coming-of-age track about all the messy bits of adolescence. 

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