vintage bowling alleys

9:00am Wednesday, 02 Oct. by ashlee kehoe

Photographer Robert Gotzfried has made it his business to document the glorious bowling lanes of southern Germany.

chub rub shorts

3:00pm Tuesday, 01 Oct.

The folks at Snag know how much summer chafing sucks. So, they made some shorts to ease the burn.

little feather on the wall

9:00am Tuesday, 01 Oct.

Megan Massey’s macramé decorations will put a smile on your dial.

my favourite frock: liz archer

3:00pm Monday, 30 Sep. by kate stanton, photos by stephanie rose wood

With Frocktober just around the corner, we spoke to Melbourne lass Liz Archer about this lovely frock sewn by her mother. 

Cake making legend Katherine Sabbath has a wicked new book filled with kitsch Aussie bakes. 

Say hello to some of the wonderful artists whose work you’ll find in the frankie 2020 diary.

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