less woo, more zzz

3:00pm Friday, 11 Oct.

Three cheers for heading straight home after work to crawl into your house pants and binge Freaks and Geeks in a sleepy haze!

Get to know some talented folks and learn the stories behind their work. 

this t-shirt says it all

3:00pm Thursday, 10 Oct.

People can be lovely, but they can also be the worst.

made by helga

9:00am Thursday, 10 Oct.

You know that old saying, “Don’t play with your food”? This visual artist proves we should toss that one out the window.

gone swimming

3:00pm Wednesday, 09 Oct.

It's a wearable version of our dream Palm Springs escape! 

the other art fair – sydney

9:00am Wednesday, 09 Oct.

A festival where you can meet emerging artists and buy their work directly. (Psst! frankie readers get 25 per cent off entry tickets, too!)

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