origami boat necklaces

3:00pm Thursday, 20 Sep. by georgia frances king

Want to sail away on this little tug boat? They're made of paper, but guaranteed not to turn to mush on the high seas.

leif giveaway

9:00am Wednesday, 19 Sep. by holly mccauley

If you've ever wanted to smell like a little gumnut baby, here's your chance.

seasonal party poppers

9:00am Thursday, 13 Sep. by georgia frances king

To celebrate the changing seasons, these adorable Japanese seasonal party poppers could be just the thing - because who doesn't want to be surrounded by fluttering sakura blossoms?

dip-dyed branches

9:00am Sunday, 09 Sep. by holly mccauley

These decorative branches are a different way to bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors. Plus, they look mighty pretty.

so frenchy so chic

9:00am Wednesday, 05 Sep. by georgia frances king

The French know how to do things right. Appreciating obscure architecture? Check. Chortling laughter? Check. Audrey Tautou and Edith Piaf? Check. Butter on everything? Check.

reid cycles giveaway

3:00pm Friday, 31 Aug. by georgia frances king

Ladies and gents, start your engines/wheels turning/general velocity. Thanks to the lovely lot at Reid Cycles, we're super thrilled to be giving away one of their snazzy bikes to a frankie fan!

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