stuff mondays - lavish tails giveaway

9:00am Monday, 17 Dec. by georgia frances king

While most cats and dogs seem content playing with a cardboard box and the loose strands of last year's knitting attempts, sometimes it's nice to give them a bit of a treat.

bindle designer gift packages

3:00pm Wednesday, 12 Dec. by georgia frances king

Bindles are a little like a fancier version of those cellophane-wrapped hampers you might win as a bingo prizes, except with gourmet jam and hand-painted teacups instead of dishwashing detergent and cat food.

issue 51 sneak peek

11:00am Tuesday, 11 Dec. by the frankie team

Issue 51 is out tomorrow, and the biggest surprise of all? Well, it's about our cover...

frankie subscription stocking stuffer

9:00am Tuesday, 11 Dec. by georgia frances king

"Hark!" the paper angels sing, now is the time for subsciption giving!

frankie lists: steps to becoming a crazy cat lady

9:00am Monday, 10 Dec. by danielle altamura

Rejoice, fellow cat lovers, and celebrate your slightly odd-ball obsession for the whiskered kind with these must haves for any lady, kitty-crazed or not.

kester black nailpolish giveaway

9:00am Thursday, 29 Nov. by georgia frances king

Make up sucks during the summer. Accidentally evoking the cries of wildlife campaigners due to our poorly-applied panda eyes, we've come to favour brightly painted Kester Black nails in lieu of hues on our faces.

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