reid cycles giveaway

3:00pm Friday, 31 Aug. by georgia frances king

Ladies and gents, start your engines/wheels turning/general velocity. Thanks to the lovely lot at Reid Cycles, we're super thrilled to be giving away one of their snazzy bikes to a frankie fan!

sugar skull dolls

9:00am Saturday, 25 Aug. by jo walker

Because no antique porcelain figure is complete without a face tattoo.

takeaway giveaway

3:00pm Friday, 17 Aug. by jo walker

The old Chinese takeaway has taken a bit of a battering lately from all these new-fangled Thai restaurants around the place, and the recently discovered knowledge that sweet'n'sour pork should not be sticky and fluorescent pink.

crocheted house shoes

3:00pm Wednesday, 15 Aug. by jo walker

Warm toes are a major priority, which is why we are quietly lusting after these pink crochet slippers with black felt pom poms.

motivational stamps

3:00pm Wednesday, 08 Aug. by maggie butter

These printing goodies could be used on everything from grading students' papers and children's artwork to sending bills back to electricity companies and helpful diary affirmations.

tiny landscape nail art

9:00am Sunday, 05 Aug. by georgia frances king

There is some pretty good nail art floating around at the moment, but we reckon Alice Bartlett's tiny landscapes are something to point a finger at.

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