pretty pegs

3:00pm Wednesday, 21 Mar. by jo walker

Swedish company Pretty Pegs makes nifty and colourful furniture legs that are designed to be fitted on stock-standard IKEA chairs, sofas and beds, so you can personalise your chain-store buys at will.

croissant earings

9:00am Monday, 05 Mar. by holly mccauley

These little darlings are much better for wearing than eating, but that doesn't stop us wanting to lick them.

high low necklaces

11:00am Saturday, 21 Jan. by holly mccauley

As the name suggests, High Low teams high and low art and the result is the creation of some very pretty jewellery pieces.

lenko pencils

9:00am Thursday, 05 Jan. by georgia frances king

Attention writerly types: check these out.

lunch bag order

12:00pm Wednesday, 07 Dec. by jessie alymore

These leather lunch bags make us want to pack our midday meal each and every day.

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