dr jane goodall australian tour

9:00am Wednesday, 14 May.

Holy moly, it's time for a small, celebratory bout of interpretative dance.

get fancy: how to do dark lips

3:00pm Friday, 09 May. by dana leviston

Super dark lipstick is often associated with a goth look, but a fresh face also works really well with some deep-hued smackers.

long lists: etsy down under

9:00am Thursday, 08 May.

This great brown land of ours is really pretty ace, and the creative folk within it are first-rate as well.

stuff mondays - him&i

9:00am Monday, 05 May.

Things that make our heart pitter-patter: a rainbow of snugly bedding, dainty silver rings piled up high, hanging planters that look like rustic gemstones and cuddly round cushions covered in salty snacks.

find your festival friends

9:00am Sunday, 04 May.

More hi-tech than a stuffed animal on a stick, less prone to fail than randomly telling people to meet you 'near the left speaker'.

big hearted business

9:00am Friday, 18 Apr.

If you're the kind of creative who goes cross-eyed talking about business, or a numbers person whose right brain is slightly dragging the chain, it's worth having a gander at Big Hearted Business.

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