cat stuff

3:20pm Monday, 28 Jul.

A special one-off market is popping up in Melbourne next month, touting all sorts of bits and bobs for and inspired by our feline friends.

the lucky dip club

9:00am Friday, 25 Jul.

Remember the thrill of the lucky dip? This club carries with it the same sense of anticipation, but with far less risk of bagging a dud.

rabbit real estate

9:16am Tuesday, 22 Jul.

Behold: a Cape Cod-style mansion for the hard-to-please cottontail in your life.

fancy a job at frankie?

3:00pm Sunday, 20 Jul.

And now for some news that many of you have been waiting for – an opportunity has come up to work with us at frankie magazine!

em dash paper co

9:00am Sunday, 13 Jul.

We're big fans of a brand with a healthy appreciation for good grammar, so we were pretty stoked to stumble across Em Dash Paper Co and their literary-minded paper goods.

get fancy: 1920s makeup

3:17pm Thursday, 03 Jul. by dana leviston

Embrace your paler winter skin tone and intensify your makeup in roaring '20s style.

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