ok dish

9:00am Monday, 07 Mar.

Sometimes you just need someone, or something, to tell you that everything is going to be OK. Because it is!

a magnetic curtain

3:00pm Friday, 04 Mar.

Swiss designer Florian Kräutli is one clever cookie.

dot and co ceramics

9:00am Friday, 04 Mar.

Melbourne lady Jane Kelsey has a knack for making speckles and triangles look really very charming indeed.

minna textiles

9:00am Friday, 12 Feb.

We’re pretty close to packing all our worldly belongings into a suitcase and moving into a house decked out with MINNA homewares.

stuff mondays - big dreams

3:00pm Monday, 04 Jan.

With the onset of a spanking new year, your brain may be full of big dreams by the bucketload, but we'd like to offer a few more to the mix.

a wee bit witchy

9:00am Tuesday, 22 Dec.

If we've learnt anything over the past few decades, it's that having magical powers would be friggin' cool.

Assistant Editor Sophie Kalagas (or ‘ass ed soph kal’ for short) is frankie’s resident pop culture weirdo and person most likely to dress like a toddler.

heavenly planters

3:00pm Monday, 23 Nov.

Forget brown paper packages tied up with string – science and nature are two of our favourite things.

nancybird home collection

9:00am Wednesday, 18 Nov.

Right in time for spring and the associated house-sprucing bonanza, the folks at Nancybird have released a capsule collection of homewares that’ll make your abode look rather spiffy.

Do your friends ask you to arrive at every hang-out an hour early, just so you’ll show up on time? Instead of being a perpetually tardy pal, why not give this DIY a go.

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