Some flicks to help you take that travel plunge (or step back from the precipice).

Scoffing popcorn doesn't have to be reserved for sitting in a dark room with a bunch of film-loving strangers, but it sure does make the experience more fun.

Warm yourself from the inside out by filling yourself with as many happy feelings as will fit in your heart. These films will help.

Sometimes life is fun, and sometimes life is heartbreaking, and sometimes life sounds better when it's soundtracked with some foot-stomping bluegrass music.

Missing out on pet times can be very, very difficult, but thankfully there are solutions (that include watching one of these movies).

However you feel about going back to work tomorrow, let's take a peek at some movies that will help you prepare for the week ahead.

miranda july gets distracted

3:00pm Thursday, 27 Feb.

All-round creative lady Miranda July presents a step-by-step guide to getting shit done.

rooftop cinema ticket giveaway

9:00am Thursday, 26 Dec.

We don't usually encourage clambering up multi-storey buildings, but when you're met with glowing lanterns and a movie screen under the starry sky, we're willing to make an exception.

moonlight cinema ticket giveaway

9:00am Sunday, 01 Dec.

Today is offically the first day of summer, and in even better news, Moonlight Cinema is kicking off next week.

john waters ticket giveaway

9:00am Sunday, 17 Nov.

The Godfather of Gaudiness will soon be back on our shores, bringing with him an abundance of tales that you probably wouldn't want to recount to your mother.

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