Frankie Good Stuff Awards

Not only is it one of the most famous road trips in history, but Jack Kerouac's On The Road has inspired a legion of writers for decades to come to get out of the city, hire a car and drive drive drive.

festival at home

3:00pm Friday, 07 Sep.

How would you like to curate your very own film festival that you could watch from the comfort of your couch?

the sapphires film giveaway

9:00am Friday, 10 Aug.

New Aussie film The Sapphires follows the true story of four indigenous girls in the '60s who formed a soul group. The reason why it received a ten minute standing ovation at Cannes Film Festival was probably because the audience couldn't stop dancing.

wes anderson colour palette

9:00am Friday, 03 Aug.

Who's up for Bill Murray Beanie Red or Royal Tenenbaum Blue?

the artist giveaway

8:00am Thursday, 28 Jun.

If you're a die-hard fan of Singing In The Rain, you might want to try silent film The Artist on for size.

my week with marilyn giveaway

8:00am Friday, 22 Jun.

Oh Marilyn, how we adore thee. We have five copies of My Week With Marilyn on DVD to give away to a few eyelash-fluttering readers.

Movie tickets, Gorman dresses, Leonard Cohen tunes, popcorn - what more could you want?

Anyone keen to watch This American Life live next Sunday? One whole hour of Ira Glass! Stay with us.

The Human Rights Arts & Film Festival is chockas with pretty brill, inspiring movies that are geared to leave with you with a smile in your dial and the thought that you can make a difference.

audrey tautou in delicacy

9:00am Thursday, 26 Apr.

Tres bien - a new Audrey Tautou film! We're giving a few tickets away for some lucky readers too.

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