catherine campbell calendars

4:00pm Tuesday, 25 Oct.

If you missed out on nabbing yourself one of our frankie 2012 calendars then maybe you could consider Catherine Campbell's.

sushi friends

12:00pm Sunday, 23 Oct.

Yoshi made out of brussel sprouts! Rice ball Totoro! Fried egg Pikachu! Is it wrong to want to eat anime characters?

sketchbook project

1:00pm Wednesday, 19 Oct.

Want your arty notebook to be toured around the world and then displayed in The Brooklyn Art Library? Yessum!

greedy hen

3:00pm Thursday, 01 Sep.

Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell are the masterminds behind the frankie-favourite artist collective Greedy Hen.

this is not art

8:00am Wednesday, 07 Sep.

We really cannot recommend this festival any more highly. This Is Not Art (or as it is lovingly nicknamed, 'Tina') is one of our favourite events of the year.

Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams is a retrospective of the surrealist art movement, chronicling the artists and the changes in style through its duration.


10:00am Saturday, 10 Sep.

Fancy yourself a bit of a collector? Mari Andrews does, and look, she has turned the art of collecting into art itself.

art & about

8:00am Monday, 12 Sep.

People always talk about Melbourne's labyrinth of decorated laneways, but none other than the legendary Barry McGee will be taking over the Sydney's alleys.

food fight!

9:00am Monday, 17 Oct.

Sweets Workshop, previously featured in our very own pages, run an awesome exhibition every year.


3:00pm Friday, 14 Oct.

Aren't these darling? The folk over at cloth, a tiny independent fabric company in Sydney, just sent these through from a recent trip to New York.

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