long lists: mittens

Frostbitten friends: we’ve searched high and low for the loveliest mittens in all the land… and here they are. Including a pearl-adorned pair to make yourself and a couple of sets for wee hands, too, there might just be the hand-warmers of your dreams herein. Scroll down for all the details.

mittens 620x415

Clockwise from top-left:

1. Donna Wilson Kids Zig Zag mittens in green/blue, around $53.

2. Camelotia Wool Winter gloves, around $46.

3. Wool And The Gang Chasing Purl Mittens kit (to make yourself), $35.

4. Clari Craft Knitted Fingerless Fox gloves, around $23.

5. Mandas Mittens Rust Wool Thrummed mittens, around $34.

6. Button and Blue Cloud Baby mittens in rust, around $36.

7. AIY Shop Birch Hand-knit mittens and hat set, around $86.

8. Adarada Natural White Wool mittens, around $40.

9. AIY Shop Criss Cross Handmade Black Wool mittens, around $42.

10. Sarah McNeil Handmade Wool mittens, around $85.

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