end of season moonlight cinema giveaway

3:00pm Thursday, 07 Mar. by georgia frances king

To see the warmer months out before the final credits roll on Moonlight Cinema, we have three double passes for each city it's still running in to give away - that's Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

frankie's non-fiction book guide

3:00pm Tuesday, 05 Mar. by caro cooper

frankie's resident reader Caro Cooper takes us through her hits and misses of non-fiction (only the ones she has actually read, she swears).

seasonal movie guide

3:00pm Thursday, 28 Feb. by rowena grant-frost

Recent accidental discovery: watching the Coen brothers' icy classic Fargo on a 38 degree day instantly makes you feel roughly 10 degrees cooler. Here's our list of favourite seasonal movies, guaranteed to bring the barometer down a notch.

frankie issue 52 on sale

9:00am Wednesday, 13 Feb. by the frankie team

Time flies, doesn't it? (We wish it didn't.) It seems like only yesterday we were sitting around dreaming up good things to pop into our March/April issue and here we are – frankie 52 is all grown up and ready to toddle out into the real world today. Eek!

stuff mondays - married love, the world's first sex manual

9:00am Monday, 04 Feb. by georgia frances king

In 1918, a British feminist named Marie Stopes wrote the Western world's first-ever sex manual. After disappearing off the book stands for many, controversy-filled years, Married Love has just been re-released with a modern twist.

frankie's summer beach reads: books about the sea

9:00am Thursday, 31 Jan. by caro cooper

Some of us aren't lucky enough to make it to the beach for a leisurely, sand-covered read this summer. So why not bring the beach to you? Here's our collection of summer reads all based around the sea.

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