100 years of colour

9:00am Sunday, 03 Jan.

This new book gets top marks on the “aesthetically pleasing” scale.

joy ticket giveaway

9:00am Wednesday, 30 Dec.

This film – based on a real-life tale – proves that sometimes strength, resilience and persistence do pay off.

five films the whole family will want to watch (maybe)

9:00am Thursday, 24 Dec. by rowena grant-frost

These flicks are bound to please just about everyone who watches them (hopefully).

frankie's guide to australian books

3:00pm Sunday, 13 Dec. by estelle tang

Here are some suggestions for Australian books that might not make you want to spontaneously burst into flames.

issue 69 on sale today

9:00am Monday, 07 Dec.

It’s that day that only comes around every two months, and it’s filled with heady excitement and large elements of squee: ladies and gentlemen, it’s frankie day!

five films to watch when you're struggling to sleep

3:00pm Sunday, 29 Nov. by rowena grant-frost

If you’re looking for a lasting cure for your insomnia, we're not sure if we can help you, but we can suggest these five movies.

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