five films to watch when you're hunting for a housemate

3:00pm Sunday, 01 May. by rowena grant-frost

There are really only two kinds of housemates: the good, or the very bad.

It’s that time again, frankie fellows – pens and pencils at the ready. We have some important dates for you to jot down and we sure wouldn’t want you to miss out.

films organised neatly

3:00pm Sunday, 17 Apr.

Neat freak cinemaphiles, rejoice! Manchester photographer Jordan Bolton has created something sure to appeal to your inner super-organised self.

extra-special art cards in issue 71

9:00am Wednesday, 13 Apr.

If you’re yet to get your mitts on issue 71 of frankie magazine, you might like to know that there’s an extra-special treat tucked away inside.

frankie's guide to books for the brokenhearted

3:00pm Sunday, 10 Apr. by estelle tang

There’s no guaranteed way to get through that first stage of heartbreak, but maybe these books will help. 

issue 71 on sale today

9:00am Monday, 04 Apr.

Hola, frankie fellows! Our newest issue is on sale today in Australia and if we do say so ourselves, it’s a bit of a good’un.

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