five films to watch for a spot of time-travelling

3:00pm Sunday, 22 Mar. by rowena grant-frost

Movies are like tiny, glowing time travel machines, where you can escape into any place or time of your choosing.

frankie reader survey

10:00am Thursday, 05 Mar.

Goodies for your thoughts, frankie friends?

five films to watch when you want to see ladies kick butt

5:00pm Sunday, 22 Feb. by rowena grant-frost

Let us spend all our time watching some of the best, butt kicking women ever committed to film.

Some may say that a recipe book just for dogs is a touch extravagant, but we thumb our noses at those Negative Nancies.

issue 64 on sale today

10:00am Monday, 02 Feb.

Are you in need of some frankie goodness right now? Issue 64 is on sale in Australia today and it's rammed full of tip-top stuff.

Australia makes great movies – some of the best movies in the world. Feel free to pick and choose from these as you please.

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