ponies in sweaters

3:00pm Monday, 28 Jan. by jo walker

Scotland has a lot of things going for it: fried Mars Bars, soccer hooligans, and jokes about what people wear under their kilts.* Now the land of haggis has some new icons in the form of Fivla and Vitamin, two Shetland ponies with their own handmade intarsia cardigans.

The pair are official ambassadors for the country's 2013 tourist campaign, The Year of Natural Scotland, and are ridiculously awesome. If they take a lead from our own tourism ambassador and make a crappy reality show about themselves, we will definitely watch it.

* Sorry, Scottish people. We've spent a lot of time in your country and we know there's more to it than this. We particularly like your mobile porridge vans, fuzzy-headed Highland cattle and rich indie rock history.

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