kick-arse video games by women

3:00pm Monday, 29 Jan. by Tegan Webb

These video games will make you laugh, cry and otherwise entertain the bejeezus out of you. Enjoy.

word from the wise: how to take control of your cashola

3:00pm Sunday, 28 Jan. by Jasmine Wallis

Need to get your bank balance looking a little healthier? We got a bunch of solid moolah-saving tips from a nice person who is good at finance.

we’re hiring!

9:00am Friday, 19 Jan.

Hey, everyone – we’re looking for an extraordinarily special (and lovely) person to join the frankie team!

subscribe in time for issue 82

9:00am Tuesday, 16 Jan.

Ever thought about subscribing to frankie? If you do so now, you might just nab one of these happiness-inducing beach umbrellas from Business & Pleasure Co.

Find out how to choose the perfect bunch of blooms for any occasion – and how to turn your floristry hobby into a career.

Folks, this is your last weekend to get your Good Stuff entry ship-shape and ready to go! Entries close at 8pm this coming Monday.

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