ghost world pocket mirror

3:00pm Saturday, 24 Sep.

Well, this is handy: a teeny pocket mirror emblazoned with Enid Coleslaw’s immortal wisdom.

japan’s fruit-shaped bus stops

3:00pm Sunday, 11 Sep.

In 1990, the folks of Konagai, Japan had a simple but supremely clever idea: to build bus stops that look like giant pieces of fruit.

want to work for frankie?

9:00am Friday, 26 Aug.

Hey, you there! It’s time to dust off your CV, because we just so happen to have a couple of jobs going here at frankie press.

curvy conference ticket giveaway

3:00pm Wednesday, 17 Aug.

Get a load of the Curvy Conference: a place where talented folk gather to share their collective wisdom and have a drink or two.

animal-shaped gift cards

9:00am Thursday, 11 Aug.

You can now send a pal the tiniest bear hug with these clever cards.

a bunch of novelty buildings

3:00pm Sunday, 07 Aug.

When it comes to architectural triumphs, you can’t go past a massive picnic basket.

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