aussie podcasts for creative types

4:00pm Sunday, 23 Jul. by Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen

There are heaps of local podcasts to tickle an artistic itch. Here are eight that we think are rather rad.

bulgaria's knee shops

10:00am Thursday, 20 Jul.

In Sofia, Bulgaria, some of the sweetest shops are underground.

the tree with its own postcode

10:00am Monday, 17 Jul.

Done with Tinder? Write to the Bridegroom’s Oak, a tree in Germany that receives up to 50 letters a day from folks seeking love.

China just built a panda-shaped solar farm.

diy coconut lavender sugar scrub

10:00am Wednesday, 12 Jul.

Prepare to go coco-loco for this heavenly body scrub.

hello from hobbiton

4:00pm Saturday, 01 Jul.

There’s always something deeper underground. (Hint: hobbits!)

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