get fancy: trim your own fringe

3:00pm Friday, 20 Feb.

Chances are you'll wind up with more beautiful bangs for your buck.

sipping 9 to 5

9:00am Sunday, 15 Feb.

If you've been working 9 to 5 trying to make a living, this handmade clay mug plastered with Dolly Parton's, well, mug might just be the perfect way to wind down after a grueling day on the job.

chunky move's depth of field

9:00am Friday, 13 Feb.

The kings and queens of contemporary Australian dance are back with another work to blow our socks off.

During February and March, Matt and Lentil are inviting farm-curious folk to visit them in Tabilk and enrol in one of their brand new workshops.

stuff mondays - bose speakers

9:00am Monday, 09 Feb.

We hope your weekend was the kind with a soundtrack to make you click your heels, and perhaps join your pals in a spontaneous jig.

five in five fundraiser

9:00am Friday, 06 Feb.

If your desire not to run a marathon radically outweighs your altruistic tendencies, there are other ways to raise some dollars for charity: by wooing someone new, for instance.

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