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Thursday, 22 November 2012 08:00 by  georgia frances king

Swish hotel rooms are pretty much the best: spa baths, city views and pillows the size of small, goose-down-stuffed elephants. But you know the thing that kinda sucks about hotels? Being kicked out of that big ol' fluffy king-sized by 10am. We barely get up on weekends at that time, regardless shower and pack a suitcase.

That's why we particularly like Art Series Hotels' latest incentive: The Overstay Checkout. The concept is super simple. You book a room at one of their hotels between December 16th and January 13th. On the morning you're meant to check out, you call reception. If the person taking your room isn't coming until later that day, you get the room for the day. Or even better? If no one is booked into your pad, you get to stay the night again - for free! If you keep calling and your room is still meant to be empty that night, you could technically wind up staying there for zilch the whole month. Nifty, eh?

Plus, their hotels are all themed around different Australian artists: depending on which of their Melbourne establishments you choose to haunt, John Olsen, Charles Blackman or Adam Cullen's canvases could be adorning your walls.

They have graciously given us a night's free accommodation for one lucky duo - except if no one checks in, that could be two nights, or maybe even more! To enter just email us with your name, address and let us which hotel you'd like to stay at and what week you'd be free. The winner will be informed on December 12th. Until then, enjoy those sleep ins.

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