calla french fashion video

3:00pm Sunday, 03 Feb. by holly mccauley

This video for the Calla SS13 collection is pretty dreamy. A heroine finds herself in a rustic lakeside paradise, complete with rowboat rides, hammock lazing sessions and rolling around in some lush-looking grass.

shuwei liu photographs momo wang

9:00am Sunday, 03 Feb. by georgia frances king

The beauty of the traditional Chinese countryside is often under-represented by landscape photographers. So when we found this lookbook over on Miss Moss, we just had to share it with you too.

uguisu japanese homewares and craft

3:00pm Saturday, 02 Feb. by maggie butter

Blow-up paper balloons in the shape of giant strawberries, stunning origami paper, loads of furoshiki wrapping cloths and more varieties of washi tape than Pantone have colour swatches: seriously guys, Japanese homewares store Uguisu have everything.

steph loves ben bunting

9:00am Saturday, 02 Feb. by georgia frances king

Normally we like to make our own bunting when we can, but Steph Loves Ben like making it for other people even more.

replacement hip-sters

3:00pm Friday, 01 Feb. by jo walker

Yes we know – blogs featuring oldies in cool clothes have been around for a while now. But we are still quite tickled by the simple radness of Replacement Hipsters, a street style site dedicated to the elderly folk of Dublin in all their sartorial splendour.

frankie exclusive diy - sock cacti

9:00am Friday, 01 Feb. by rachael smith

Remember that crocheted cacti DIY phase that swept serial-plant killers a few years ago? Well here's its modern - and much less fiddly - version. Sock cacti!

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