kooky stamps

3:00pm Wednesday, 04 Jul. by jo walker

The world could be made a better place with stampable ice-cream cones, washi tape and Space Invaders.

the six stitch kit

8:00am Wednesday, 04 Jul. by georgia frances king

Want to tap away on your phone or tablet, but don't want to freeze your fingers? This is a super simple way to make your gloves techno-friendly. All it takes is six stitches of a super special string, and you're done!

karen walker eyewear

3:00pm Tuesday, 03 Jul. by holly mccauley

The Travelling Candy Bar is the latest sunnies concept by all-round-maker-of-aesthetically-joyful-things, Karen Walker.

tunesday - the medics

8:00am Tuesday, 03 Jul. by georgia frances king

These four boys from Cairns can evoke more emotion in one of their songs than an entire discography of most modern bands.

geometric magnets

3:00pm Monday, 02 Jul. by jo walker

If you're over fridge poetry and/or tic tac toe, then be prepared to have your fancy tickled by these nicely coloured parallelograms.

vintage animal prints

9:00am Sunday, 01 Jul. by maggie butter

If you're ever stuck in a library with nothing to do (or are procrastinating from whatever you are doing), head over to the natural history section, pick out the oldest book you can find, and flip through to all of the animal pictures.

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