off to coachella - the final chapter

3:00pm Thursday, 26 Apr. by jo walker

Jo's soujourn in California for Coachella has come to an end, culminating in a meteorite shower as Radiohead wooed the audience into rapture.

audrey tautou in delicacy

9:00am Thursday, 26 Apr. by georgia frances king

Tres bien - a new Audrey Tautou film! We're giving a few tickets away for some lucky readers too.


9:00am Wednesday, 25 Apr. by holly mccauley

Lillian makes cool stuff like backpacks, little pouches and headbands. Each piece on her Etsy store is handmade and very reasonably priced with plenty of cute patterns like triangles, stripes and African-inspired motifs.

tunesday - the maple trail

3:00pm Tuesday, 24 Apr. by georgia frances king

There are a few things that go with dreary, drizzly weather: cups of ginger and rosemary tea, the woolly embrace of our ugg boots, and The Maple Trail humming quietly in the background.


9:00am Tuesday, 24 Apr. by georgia frances king

Notemaker is like the mecca for all things doodley.

wool modern

3:00pm Monday, 23 Apr. by georgia frances king

Chilly, innit? With the way that the weather has been in Sydney last week, the Wool Modern exhibition comes at a suitable time.

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