stuff mondays - lucky duck cider giveaway

3:00pm Monday, 11 Feb. by georgia frances king

There's a new cider on the market we think your taste buds might like to do a dance with. Plus, we have a few cartons to give away if you'd like to give it a whirl.

erdem's '60s silhouettes

9:00am Monday, 11 Feb. by jo walker

First off – these clothes are properly expensive. But if you ever find yourself suddenly becoming a trophy wife / heiress / Russian oil oligarch, then at least you know London-based label Erdem has your wardrobe covered.

made to order vintage dresses

3:00pm Sunday, 10 Feb. by maggie butter

The folk at Little Shop Of are offering to make you a fresh frock to your measurements out of second-hand fabric, and we think it's a nifty idea.

outside everywhere wooden jewellery

9:00am Sunday, 10 Feb. by georgia frances king

Because who doesn't need a wooden walrus brooch in their life?

photographer interview: kate seabrook's endbahnhof

3:00pm Saturday, 09 Feb. by georgia frances king

We have a chat to photographer Kate Seabrook, who has been travelling around on Berlin's incredibly punctual public transport system and taking snaps of all their oddball (and beautiful) stations.

saturday morning tunes: new beach house video

9:00am Saturday, 09 Feb. by holly mccauley

To prepare you for the best weekend ever, here's a short film that Beach House has just released, fusing four live songs recorded in the Texan desert. Make yourself a cup of tea and get comfy, because this is one helluva couch gig.

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