Want to head along to this stunning all-girl musical extravaganza for nix?

yesha macdonald ceramics

4:00pm Monday, 19 Jun.

Ceramicist Yesha Macdonald quite likes the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi: finding beauty in imperfection.

diy pressed flowers

10:00am Monday, 19 Jun.

Spotted a pretty bloom? Here’s how to press it and keep it forever (or at least a good long while).

dolly faibyshev’s palm springs

4:00pm Sunday, 18 Jun.

Take your peepers on a road trip to Palm Springs. (Recommended for fans of Mid-century design and general coolness.)

shuh. handmade textiles

10:00am Sunday, 18 Jun.

Need a bit of cheering up? These handmade textiles from local maker Shuh Lee ought to do the trick.

Dear Naomi Murrell, please clothe us in everything from your latest collection. Thank you kindly.

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