stuff mondays - reid cycles giveaway

3:00pm Monday, 14 Jan. by georgia frances king

We have another bicycle to give away thanks to the lovely folk at Reid Cycles! Any colour, any frame, anything you like really: it's like a Choose Your Own Adventure summer bike venture.

hair bow tutorial

9:00am Friday, 11 Jan. by jo walker

The text in this simple tutorial is in Spanish, but you can easily follow along with the pictures for a simple, awesome, keep-off-your-neck, non-sweaty, summery hairdo that will make your head look like a big Christmas present.

natalie hough's wearable pets

3:00pm Monday, 07 Jan. by holly mccauley

Are you in the market for a new little friend? A bear, tiger or perhaps a kitty? Well, lucky for you, Natalie Hough makes critters of all kinds and you can nab one for yourself on her Etsy store.

happy holidays from the frankie team!

9:00am Tuesday, 25 Dec. by the frankie team

Just a quick note from us to wish you a Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Cheerful Turkey Eating Day/Festivus! We hope that your morning, noon and night is chockas full, just like your belly will be in only a few hours' time.

stuff mondays - lavish tails giveaway

9:00am Monday, 17 Dec. by georgia frances king

While most cats and dogs seem content playing with a cardboard box and the loose strands of last year's knitting attempts, sometimes it's nice to give them a bit of a treat.

bindle designer gift packages

3:00pm Wednesday, 12 Dec. by georgia frances king

Bindles are a little like a fancier version of those cellophane-wrapped hampers you might win as a bingo prizes, except with gourmet jam and hand-painted teacups instead of dishwashing detergent and cat food.

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